4 Generations of know-how

Maison Prunier in the early days :

Maurice (Jules) Prunier (1890-1971) and his wife Juliette (1893-1975) founded the Maison Prunier in 1927 in Saint-Calais and in 1931 in Connerré. The current managing director is their grandson. Maurice (Jules) began his pork butcher’s apprenticeship with his uncle Albert Lhuissier at the age of eleven.

1927: Maurice (Jules) and Juliette Prunier purchased
the pork butcher’s shop in Saint-Calais.

1928: The couple’s eldest son, Maurice (Julien) began his apprenticeship at the age of fourteen and learnt all the family’s secrets of pork butchery. But the Pruniers wanted to return to Connerré.

1931: on 15 September, the Prunier family bought Mr Renard’s butcher’s shop, at 16 rue Nationale. The Pruniers were back in Connerré. They were an instant success.

Prunier preserve label. Circa 1950. Prunier preserve label. Circa 1950.




Wedding of Christian Prunier and Frédérique Cristiani de Ravaran

1937: Maurice Prunier and Paulette Coudray were married. Mr and Mrs Lhuissier were very happy.

1938: the growing business was modernised. Rillettes were very popular in Paris and Prunier’s high-quality products in particular.

1939-1945: Second World War. Maurice Prunier went off to war, leaving behind him, his wife, parents and daughter Gisèle, born in 1939.


1947: birth of Christian Prunier, son of Maurice and Paulette Prunier.

1948: the Prunier company was founded by Maurice (Jules) and his sons Maurice and Albert Prunier. Their main business was retail pork butchery.

1950: the company expanded thanks to a national network of wholesalers in the Paris region, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Montpellier and Chambéry.

Rillettes 1962

1962: construction of a large preparation room for rillettes.
The factory was set up in the centre of Connerré.

1965: Death of Albert and Blanche Lhuissier.

1968: Maurice Prunier took over from his father. He changed the status of the company from SNC to SARL Prunier Père et Fils. His wife Paulette worked alongside him.

1970: The company had 150 employees. A big family.

1971: Death of Maurice (Jules) Prunier.

1972: Wedding of Christian Prunier and Frédérique Cristiani de Ravaran Pot of rillettes from 1975

Rillettes 1975

1972: New premises were purchased at 23, rue de la Jatterie in Connerré.

1975: Death of Juliette Prunier.

Rillettes 1980

1976: birth of Léonard Prunier, son of Christian and Frédérique Prunier.

1980: birth of Adrien Prunier.

Extract of Albert Lhuissier’s bequest to his grand-nephew Maurice (Jules) Prunier.