A family history spanning over a hundred years

Our uncle, Albert Lhuissier

The story of Maison Prunier began with two sisters, Blanche Royau (1873-1965), wife of Albert Lhuissier and Alexandrine Royau (1867- 1939), who married Gustave Prunier, a hatter. Blanche and her husband had no children but they willingly passed on their love of their trade, pork butchery, to their nephew Maurice (Jules) Prunier ...

1854: the railway came to Connerré

1875: Birth of Albert Lhuissier
1899: Wedding of Blanche Royau and Albert L huissier
1890: Birth of Maurice (Jules) Prunier, son of
Alexandrine and Gustave Prunier

1906: the circuit de la Sarthe race track was founded (forerunner of today’s 24 Hour circuit)

1900: Albert and Blanche Lhuissier founded a butcher’s shop in Conneré next to Mr & Mrs Gustave Prunier’s hat shop.
The sisters became neighbours.

1909: The Lhuissiers purchased a pig abattoir to develop
their business shipping rillettes to Paris.

1913: Marriage of Maurice (Jules) Prunier to Juliette Denis. Maurice (Jules) worked in his uncle and aunt’s shop in Connerré. Business was prosperous and they employed 7 workers. Juliette joined him. Before going off to war on 2 August 1914, Albert Lhuissier struck a deal with his nephew: “You shall run the company with your aunt and when I get back, you will take over.” But the wives could not agree on the price.

1914: March - Birth of Maurice Prunier, son of Maurice (Jules) and Juliette Prunier.

1914: Maurice (Jules) ran the Lhuissier business with his
aunt Blanche and 6 workers while Albert Lhuissier was at war.

1918-1922: Sales of Connerré rillettes boom. Production was industrialised.

1922: Albert and Blanche Lhuissier sold their company to their main customers, Mr and Mrs Paul Pottier. Maurice (Jules) and Juliette Prunier continued working for the company, which remained called Lhuissier, and, when Mr Pottier sold it in 1957, it became known as “Les produits Lhuissier”. The company was never called Albert Lhuissier. Mr and Mrs Lhuissier quickly regretted having sold to Mr and Mrs Pottier. To show his recognition, Albert Lhuissier bequeathed his medals and his photographs to his great-nephew Maurice (Julien) Prunier, son of Maurice (Jules) Prunier and Juliette Prunier.