Marrying with bread and wine

Marrying with bread


  • Rillettes de porc fermier   The principle is simple: use the crustiness of the bread to highlight the softness of the rillettes. The proteins and fat in the meat are emphasised by the starch and carbohydrates in the bread.

Smooth pâté with mushrooms

  • Paté forestier   For a gourmet moment, use a cottage loaf; for a picnic, serve on country bread. The slight acidity of dark rye bread provides an interesting contrast.

Duck mousse

  •   The smooth, slightly sweet flavour of liver mousse goes well with these breads, which bring out the livery tastes.

Little Rounds

  • Petites Boules   Choose a solid, hearty bread to match the powerful aroma of little bites. Choose a wholemeal loaf with a thick crust and a slightly acidic inside.

Terrines and confits

  • Les terrines et confits   Choose neutral-tasting or slightly acidic breads, preferably toasted.

Galantines and meat loaves

  • Les galantines et ballottines   These three breads, toasted or not, go well with the elegant flavours of these products.