4 generations of know how

From generation to generation

"In my memories of my childhood, our family life is mixed up with the life of the business. My grandmother Prunier taught me to write by copying from old accounting books. My great uncle Albert Lhuissier gave me a wallet for Christmas. Both of them saw me as the natural heir."
Christian Prunier

Pot of rillettes from 1981

1981: Christian took over from his father.
He reduced the range of products to 4 main families: pâtés, mousses, ballottines and rillettes.

1982: Birth of Téophile Prunier

Pot of rillettes from 1985

1985: Death of Maurice Prunier

1986: Birth of Philomène Prunier


1988: 1 January, SA Prunier was founded

1988: Production moved to rue de la Jatterie

Pot of rillettes from 1989

1988: 30 June - closure of the butcher’s shop in rue Nationale

1989: Rillettes became available in supermarkets

1994: Introduction of a quality department

Pot of rillettes from 1997

1997: Extension and refurbishment of the factory on rue de la Jatterie

2003: New offices, new warehouses and maintenance workshops

Pot of rillettes from 2007

2005: Léonard Prunier, son of Christian and Frédérique Prunier, joined the company as financial manager.

2007: Théophile Prunier joined the company as sales manager

2008: Léonard became manager of the factory and financial manager

2009: Théophile was appointed marketing manager

Pot of rillettes from 2009

2010: Back to grass roots
Maison Prunier extended its range with rillons, black pudding and sausages based on Maurice Jules Prunier’s original recipes.