Our philosophy

Our beliefs

Our ambition

We have chosen to carry on the work begun by those who founded our company and made it flourish. Prunier was established in Connerré in 1931 and our pride in our trade remains constant. We believe that everyone can make a difference to the world. Our commitment to our profession is proof that the world of our dreams can become reality.
Our ambition increases our pleasure in living and working together and largely contributes to our success.

We would like to see more integrity in the world

Maison Prunier is an independent family-owned company with a strong belief in citizenship. Prunier’s reputation is based on integrity. We insist on integrity in our relations with our customers, our staff, our shareholders, the community and our overall environment. That is why our staff, our customers and our suppliers trust us. At Maison Prunier, our approach is based on a desire for humanity: we aspire to harmony. The behaviour and attitudes of the entire Maison Prunier - shareholders, personnel and managers are geared towards creating a world in which:

  • - people and things radiate beauty and peace
  • - joie de vivre is a lifestyle
  • - being is more important than having
  • - friendly relations between people are tangible
  • - meaningfulness and elevation of the mind are ideals
  • - difficulty is seen as an opportunity to learn and progress
  • - differences are seen as enriching
  • - heritage and experience are respected
  • - life events are marked by symbolic rituals
  • - emulation replaces competition
  • - national and world economies are based on fair trade
  • - the triangular relation between oneself, others and the environment is accounted for in decision-making

Our outlook on life forms the basis of our corporate culture. We provide our customers with high quality products and our staff with a stimulating workplace in which to flourish.

We put our beliefs into practice

Diversity: we take account of the skills, emotional intelligence and limits of each member of staff as well as considering their needs. This brings out the best in everyone.

Determination: we have our sights firmly set on our targets and continually strive to attain them. This means combining determination with flexibility, which calls for a certain degree of humility, courage and a sense of responsibility.

Seeking new challenges: in order to grow, a business needs a workforce with updated skills and a culture of continuous improvement on all levels. The use of established techniques and the acquisition of new skills are part of our commitment to keep moving forward.